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J100-03 Amber Mining Light

J100-03 Amber Mining Light

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Amber LED Flashing Signal Lamps - MSHA Approved 

This Heavy Duty LED Warning Light provides strong brightness with great efficiency. Powerful amber LED's ensure high visibility in times of distress. Lasts 200 hours in continuous flash mode. Black base with amber lens.

Shock-Resistant: J100 Permissible Flasher Lamps are ideal where warning lights are needed and provide dependable performance under the most hazardous or adverse conditions. These mine lights are constructed of durable shock-resistant plastic with a solid state design for long lasting life. Vinyl coated steel lanyard for easy hanging and transporting. 

Convenient: LED lamp measures only 7.5" x 4" and weighs just 2 lbs allowing convenient storage in a minimum amount of space. 

Environmentally Friendly: You will find this Amber LED Light environmentally friendly being powered with an easily replaceable standard 6 volt screw terminal lantern battery.  40 Diodes with standard flashing rate at 1pps. 360 degree lighting. Lights are cool to touch. Safe around children and pets. 

Roadside Flare: The J100 Lamp is non-incendiary and the perfect alternative to typical roadside flares. They will not deteriorate in storage like flares, are safer to use, last longer, and emit no flame or toxic smoke. Residue clean up is never a worry. 

Water Resistant:  Lights are completely safe around water or contaminated areas. Keep lights in action during challenging weather conditions such rain or snow storms.

MSHA Approved: Permissible Flashing Signal Lamps at Standard Portable are approved by the U.S. Department of Labor's Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). MSHA works cooperatively with industry, labor and other Federal agencies to improve safety and health conditions for all miners in the U.S.  

Guaranteed: 1 year product warranty.
                                                                                                     Made in USA 

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