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Magnetic 15 Watt Fluorescent Lamp w/25' Cord

Magnetic 15 Watt Fluorescent Lamp w/25' Cord

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Part Number:F15W25C-EC

Magnetic Work Light  

F15W25C-EC fluorescent work light uses a single 15 watt long tube fluorescent bulb rated at 7,000 hours of use. This durable magnetic work light allows you the flexibility to attach to any ferrous metal surface while working hands free. 

Work Light Features: 
This light has two switches. A rocker switch to turn the unit on or off, and a manual starter switch. To turn the light on, turn the on/off switch on, and then depress and hold the manual starter switch for a few seconds until the fluorescent filament heats up. At that point, release the manual starter and the light will come on. To turn the light off, rocker the on/off switch to the off position. For hands-free use, the light has a single plastic hook on the end that rotates 360 degrees as well as a pair of metal hooks that can be rotated all the way around the high impact lamp tube. This unit has a 25 foot 18/2 SJT cord.

Environmentally Friendly: This magnetic fluorescent work light offers tremendous energy savings by using only one-quarter as much power and lasts an average of seven times longer than a regular incandescent bulb.

Magnet Base:  F15W25C-EC Magnetic Fluorescent Work Lamp comes equipped with two sturdy magnets with each magnet offering an approximate 50 lb pull. The powerful ceramic magnet is manufactured under ISO 9001 quality standards with a chrome plated steel cup for protection. Outer diameter of the magnet is 2.4" (60mm) and the total thickness of the magnet is 0.35" (8mm).

Certification: UL